Young girl theory (2017)

Master's essay, ENSP, Arles, Fr.
Research coordinator, Alexandre Quoi.

168 pages, laser print, glued back, 3 posters (A4).

''Who is the young girl? Where does she come from? Where does she live? How to find her?''

The topos of the ''girl'' may share the destiny of images, as it seems to consist of a construction made out of a projection held by an externality, to be reified.

This essay attempts to ''consume'' a myth in order to become its reader, according to Roland Barthes’ statement in Mythologies (1957): ''living a myth as if it was a story both real and unreal'' in the aim to reveal its functions. What is the young girl's myth holding ? Why does it always seem to bend between harmlessness and threat ?

From Nabokov to Lana Del Rey, Sylvia Plath, Cindy Sherman and social medias’ heroines.