Ung pojke dricker mjölk på skånska landsbygden (2018)

In September 2018, Sweden’s far-right political party registered one of it’s highest voting scores in Skåne ever. At the same time, a famous Southern-Swedish milk brand launches its' new campaign displaying idyllic representations of the region, embodied by the dreamy vision of a blond boy standing in front of a yellow field under a bright blue sky.

The work borrows its’ title from the milk brand’s emblematic advertisement and mixes portraits of Ungsvenskarna’s members, landscapes views, as well as advertising fragments of the same milk brand that may have inspired Sverigedemokraterna’s new logo, replacing the flaming torch with a blue flower.
Displayed in a continuous line featuring different registers of images (portraiture as well as landscapes and screen-shots from a commercial shot at the Ribban beach in Malmö) the work is envisionned as an imaginary storyboard unveiling narratives on different levels: the complex appropriation play of the Swedish imaginary by a far-right political party trying to transform its’ public image and the fabrication of a communication tool by a brand.

Underneath these narratives lies a wider concern on the purpose of collective imageries as well as their origins and which purpose they are serving, while depending of the ones spreading them.