Museum (2020)

I have always been a picture collector. My photography practice started as a teenager while regularly photographing a friend, projecting all the images I was devouring at the time: fashion photography from the late 1970’s and further, unpublished portraits of Marylin Monroe, late 1800’s sculpture, Raphaelit painting to Baroque representations of the myth of Judith of Holofernes and so on.

What are the photographs one makes in order to learn how to make photographs? Are the countless reblogged and saved pictures from one’s Tumblr and Instagram’s feed even a part of one’s practice?

Showing this selection in the form of aligned postcards on the wall mirrors the miscellaneous aspect of this corpus as well as it might echo the accidental and bizarre associations of a postcards stand in any museum or shop, where every artifact is put beside one another without any trace of the original context it’s been extracted from.

Contribution to the collective exhibition Exposure at Galleri FRANK, Malmö (2020).
Edition of 57 postcards displayed on wooden shelves. 

Curated by Avril Francesca Logue and Joel La Tierra.
Produced with the support of Malmö Stad.

Exhibition views, collective exhibition Exposure, Galleri FRANK,
October 2020, Malmö, Sweden.