Marina (2017)

”People have been looking in the reflection of her eyes, and they found something.”

In 2016, English youtuber Marina Joyce becomes the victim of an Internet rumor when some of her subscribers suspect a possible kidnapping - using “spotted clues” to confirm the theory. 

Featured in the book with personal pictures and screenshots, a text found on a forum sums up the rumor’s elements.

The “Marina Joyce” case becomes a kind of visual investigation, zooming into images trying to perceive a fragment or an element that would confirm a belief; echoing the journey of the hero of Antonioni’s movie Blow Up or mirroring the made-up crimes of W. Gombrowicz’s novel Cosmos.

Self-published book, 40 pages, 20,5 x 29,5, glued back.
Selected in 2017 by Zines of the Zone,  international itinerant photo-books collection and exhibition.