La chasse (2015-2017)

Including both personal and collected images, La chasse (Hunt) is a visual investigation gravitating around the notion of violence surrounding the topos of the female figure as represented in the Western visual culture.

From filmmaker Dario Argento’s females protagonists, to Twin Peaks' Laura Palmer, disappeared and murdered girls never cease to haunt visual culture, forming an obsessive pattern, as if violence was always an intrinsic part of the topos of the "girl".

At the end of the 15th century, painter Boticelli received the commission to paint a scene inspired by an older tale involving a murdered young woman and her perpetrator, Nastaggio, gone mad after having been rejected. Their ghosts would forever haunt the forest where the scene occurred. The ensemble is said to have been commissioned and donated on the occasion of a wedding. 
The work aims to connect different images’ registers in order to mirror the problematic origin of the "girl" and its' intrinsic violence in our visual culture.

Screenshots of beauty youtubers' videos, collected scenes during a hunt as direct references to The story of Nastaggio, extracted commercials as well as looped sequences from Dario Argento's films involving a female heroine; all performing myths, images and representations as layers to be delved into.

The recurring figure of  the "girl" is shown melting or diving herself into the images as a protagonist metaphorically exploring the image‘s nature.