Jag tänker på Ester (2021)
Work in progress

In April 2019, I visit Ester Almqvist’s retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Malmö. Active painter at the very beginning of the XXth century and pioneer of modernism in Sweden, Ester Almqvist (1869-1934) is presented as a forgotten artist. Even though the Museum of Malmö disposes of the most part of her production, her work had not been shown since her death in 1934. 

”Jag tänker på Ester” (”I’m thinking about Ester”) is a photographic work taking the form of a correspondance, response and echo to the oeuvre of Ester Almqvist, mirroring two period of time and two different mediums, photography and painting, unfolding questions about the invisibilation of women artists as well as personal interrogations revolving around the difficult attempt of producing art and being an artist. The title could be seen as a paradigm, it’s a state of mind, a filter influencing my vision of the world according to the work and destiny of Ester.

Project supported by the residency program The Project Room by the NW Gallery (Copenhagen, Danmark, July 2021).