Jag tänker på Ester (2022)

Ester Almqvist was a Swedish painter active at the end of the 19th century. Grown up from a rural part of Sweden that she regarded both as an attachement as well as a burden, Ester’s life was strechted between her call of being an artist, her duties towards her family and her own providing.

“Jag tänker på Ester” (”I’m thinking about Ester”) is a narrative about how a work leaves its’ trace through time and echoes enough to create a new work further on. About how the world is represented through inaccurate imitations of the real. About the pursuit of one’s own artistic expression.

Photography is a way to travel through dimensions of time, color, pictures. With traces of time in pictures or traces of already existing pictures in new appear phantoms and specters of different sorts: phantoms in the shape of a fragment from something that existed before or fragments of light left on surfaces.

Project supported by the City of Malmö (2022).
Part of the AiR program The Project Room at  NW Gallery (Copenhagen, Danmark, 2021).

Exhibition at Galleri Ping-Pong, Malmö, 15/10/2022-05/11/2022.

Performance by Ingrid Långström at the opening of the exhibition.