Du verre et de l’ortie, 2023

Archive photographs from Malmö Damsällskapet (Malmö Women Society) from early 20th century induced in anthotypes of nettle, beetroot, spinach, turmeric, yarrow, mullberry on watercolour paper. 

The antotype method is an older photographic process that uses the chlorophyll of plants to create sun prints. The Malmö Woman Society or Malmö Damsällskapet was one of Sweden's many associations that contributed to bringing women into the public eye at the beginning of the 20th century.

In this work, I focus on the perspective of women's place in society during the emergence of photography. When photography emerges was gender segregation at its strongest in Europe: who depicts the world and who is allowed to be seen?

Project selected and supported by Centrum För Fotografi, (Centrum), Sweden
Exhibition at Kristianstad Konsthall with work of Anna Nordquist Andersson, produced by Centrum För Fotografi, may 2024