Baby-sitter (2019-2020)

Being a baby-sitter is just a way to make images.

The title refers to the position from which I took and collected these photographs of my surroundings during a few months in 2019 while being a new-comer in Sweden and facing the necessity to find a “brödjobb” - a Swedish term describing the act of securing one’s economic autonomy for an artist or cultural actor.

The baby-sitter might just as well be one of the unknown protagonists in the series as it develops itself in a discontinuous narration intuitively built among the pictures through the relations that may occur between them. 
”Baby-sitter” is filled with thresholds and stumbles among the familiar, the act of looking and representation. 
There might be a ”mystery lying among the intervals”, as essayist Anne Immelé puts it when writing about photographic constellations where pictures are hung discontinuously in the exhibition space or extracted from different corpus.

The meaning emerging from the created associations could be compared to the exercise of writing intuitively. It is a way of thinking that one probably owes to the digital world through the way we now consume images in an endless profusion – hence the necessity of a combinatory approach.


Exhibition views, Baby-sitter, Galleri Ping-Pong
May 2020, Malmö, Sweden.

Produced with the support of Konstitutet, Malmö. 

Acquired in 2020 by Region Skåne’s Konstservice to the regional art collection.